“This painting is about an old lady called Palany. Palany was an old wise woman, but she also was a mean old woman. She would walk from country to country looking for younger men. Palany started walking from Jigalong, making her way up north, following the Canning Stock Route. She found that Yakararra was good living country. Then she moved onto Billuna, stealing young men to make them her husband.

“Palany always had a young man for one night and then killed them. All the Walmajarri people got worried. So all the men agreed to kill her. They tried all different ways, but old Palany was too clever and magic. So later on, year by year, Palany got very old, she went to live at Yakararra. The Walmajarri people from Billuna, Nookanbah and Yakanarra went at night to Palany's camp fire. While she was asleep, the men got their spears, and they speared her until she was dead.

“Today at Yakanarra community, which is my father's country, you can see a big rock at the front of the community towards the sunrise. This is where old Palany lies, you can see that big rock in this painting.”

Courtesy of Warmun Art

..Natural ochre and pigments on canvas
..800mm x 600mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warmun Art Centre