Ngurra Arts

Ngurra Arts is located at Ngumpan Community, approximately halfway between Broome and Kununurra, 90 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing. The art centre is situated 1.5 kilometres off the Great Northern Highway along the Christmas Creek Road. It sits on Gooniyandi land in an area that blends into the boundary with Walmajarri country.

Ngurra Arts reopened in May 2014 after construction of a new building. The previous art centre was tragically destroyed by fire in 2010. The name Ngurra means ‘camp’ or ‘home’ in Walmajarri and Wangkajunga languages. Most of the artists who paint at the art centre come from Walmajarri and Wangkajunga country. Many moved north in the mid 1950s from across the desert to the south.

Kurungal Council Inc (KCI) it is the corporation that supports business development across its member communities of Wangkatjungka, Gilly Sharpe, Ngaranjartu, Ngumpan and Kupartiya. Ngurra Arts is one of these businesses and the artists who work through the centre come from these communities as well as Bawoorrooga Community.

The artists produce acrylic paintings, carved artefacts, screen-printed bags and tea towels, dyed bags using locally sourced plant dyes, seed and bead jewellery, baskets and soaps. Ngurra Arts supports a large number of younger and emerging artists along with a small group of established older artists who are also represented by Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency. Some of the more active artists include George Tuckerbox, Kuji Rosie Goodjie, Edgar Pike, Hazel Hobbs, Butcher Wise, Nora Tjookootaja, Jean Tighe, Gordon Tighe, Amy Palmer, Mayarn Julia Lawford and Francine Steele.

Ngurra Arts
Ngumpan Community
Christmas Creek Road (1.5 km from the Great Northern Highway)
90 km east of Fitzroy Crossing
(PO Box 318, Fitzroy Crossing, WA, 6765)

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