Warmun Art Centre

Warmun Art Centre is located on Gija Country at Warmun Community (formerly Turkey Creek) and is located approximately 200 kilometres south of Kununurra. Warmun Art Centre was established in 1998 and in the relatively short time it has been in operation it has become a cultural institution of national significance.

The Centre was established by seminal Warmun artists such as Queenie McKenzie, Madigan Thomas, Hector Jandany, Lena Nyadbi, Betty Carrington and Patrick Mung Mung in response to a collective community desire to offer a location in which to celebrate and share Gija culture, language, art and custom but also as a keeping place for important cultural materials including works of art and ceremonial artefacts.

Warmun Art Centre has grown to now represent approximately 60 established and emerging artists, each who bring their own unique approach to Gija art while continuing the traditions of early painters such as Rover Thomas and Queenie McKenzie, George Mung Mung, Jack Britten and Paddy Jaminji.

Gija art is known for its highly unique, aesthetic and graphic depictions of the landscape. Looking simultaneously across and down, artists create expansive representations of Country, imbued with ochres which tell of the land and the vast landscape from which the work heralds.

Warmun Art Centre
Great Northern Highway, Warmun, WA, 6743
(08) 9168 7496

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