Yarliyil Art Centre

Yarliyil Art Centre is based at the Halls Creek Shire Hall, located in Halls Creek on the Great Northern Highway. Driven by the desire of local artists to practice and express culture through the visual arts, the Centre was formed and first opened in 1998. It later closed for a five-year period, but officially re-opened in November 2010 with instrumental support from the Shire of Halls Creek.

The name Yarliyil means small paperbark tree. The prominent language groups of artists working at the Art Centre are Walmajarri, Jaru & Gija. Artists include Maggie Long, Bonnie Deegan, Biddy Timbinah, Lulu Trancollino, Tiny Macale, Barry Demi, Susan Peters, Rosie Lala, Clayton Bedford and Barbara Sturt.

Yarliyil Art Centre provides a place for local cultural expression by enabling the ethical production and sale of Aboriginal art. Artists work across a range of styles and paint in a variety of mediums, depicting stories of history, people, the country and its cultural significance.

Yarliyil Art Centre
Town Hall, Lot 417 (across from the Visitor Centre), Great Northern Highway, Halls Creek, WA, 6770
(08) 9168 6723