"This is me, this is mine. The whole lot is me [she points to the x mark in the painting]. I bin walking all around, I know him proper way, he is always here. [Clasps her heart]. We are same one, my country is me. He long way that way, but he still here."

In many of the works, Weaver places a cross. At first, it was presumed to be a signature, but it is actually a self-representation. It acts as a trigger to help understand that she and her land, Lungarung, are one. For her, it is a self-portrait in country. She is one mark of many, but she is unique, like the country. For Weaver, she and her land are inseparable: they are the same. To understand Weaver, one must know her land, because they exist together and define each other.

Courtesy of Short Street Gallery

..Acrylic on canvas
..1520mm x 1520mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Short Street Gallery