“This is Winpa and all his sons. Winpa travelled around to different country, he travelled to Mangala, Juwaliny Warnman and Manjiljarra country and all around, all around. And he met up with other people – other ancestral beings, he hunted, he was a rainmaker you know and he returned to his country where he is now, Winpa. And he is there with his sons. He has lots of sons because he went all around, all the other waterholes are his sons as well. So Winpa is there now with his sons. Winpa is my tjamu (grandfather). But Winpa belongs to everybody, not just Yulparija.”

In this painting the central waterhole is Winpa and on the salt lake you can see four of Winpa’s sons – the waterholes.

Courtesy of Short Street Gallery

..Acrylic on canvas
..1800mm x 950mm
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..Copyright Short Street Gallery