Yardungall - Dingo Dreaming

Ben has depicted his traditional country around Yardungall – Dingo Dreaming. The site of the Dingo Dreaming hill is represented by the large red U-shape. The red area to the left, divided by the green wavy line, is the site of Eaglehawk Dreaming (top) and White Crane Dreaming (below). Today, this place is most well known for the zebra rock that is quarried there. The little hill to the bottom left of the work is Blue Tongue Lizard Dreaming. Ben explains that this place is known for love potion but warns that this is for Miriwoong speakers only.

Courtesy of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

..Ochre pigments on canvas
..1400mm x 1000mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Waringarri Aboriginal Arts