Bush Tucker

Mary paints the bush tucker. 

Kulalarr (vines) have many uses. They are used for tying fish together and to carry other bush tucker. They can be wrapped around a bundle of kindling wood and were also once rolled to a smaller diameter and used for fishing lines, using a paw bone from a kangaroo for a hook.

Wadja (leaves) were traditionally used to make a cup but can also be used as plates, to sit on, sleep on and as roofing for making a bush humpy. Ngooroo is a type of emu apple that is eaten raw when soft. There are several types of Malinja (bush potato). The heart of the Bundarri (water lily – purple, white or red) is called Dungari, and can be eaten raw. The sweet underwater stems are also eaten raw and are good for colds.

The roots of the Warngarloo (bush carrot) is cooked on the hot ashes. Mangarnda is another type of bush potato that has purple bell shaped flowers. Yarn.gu (water yam) is a greenish flower plant and its tasty pods can be washed and eaten raw. Ngarwarri are bush apples that are found in streams. The flesh is thin and can be eaten raw, like an apple.

Courtesy of Kira Kiro Art Centre

..Ochre on canvas
..2400mm x 1200mm
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..Copyright Kira Kiro Art Centre