Brolga Dance

"This painting relates to the flood story that belongs to our people. When Dumbi the owl was mocked and made fun of by the children of the tribe, he went and told the Wandjinas what happened. The Wandjina sent the tata lizard to seek the people out. When he found them he waved to the Wandjinas to show them where the people were camped. Then the Wandjina sent a big rain to kill all the people. He told the brolgas to dance to make the ground soft just like quicksand. When the people ran they fell into the quicksand and got swallowed up. And that is why I have painted the brolgas dancing with the Wandjinas watching over them. Even today when we see brolgas dancing we think of the flood story."

Courtesy of Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre

..Ochre pigments on canvas
..705mm x 1410mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre