"Garlumbuny, that’s the spear [shaft] for killing kangaroo. Somebody been telling me we been sharing our spears with the saltwater people or some other mob around Derby side. Well that’s what my sister told me." 

In the Ngarranggarni (Dreaming), people had a trading relationship with their seaside countrymen. Gija people would exchange spears they had made for seashells from the saltwater country. This bartering would take place at this spot on Betty Carrington’s traditional country. At one such time, two men were fighting over their trading and one was killed. All the trading stopped and all the spears were dropped at this place, which is now called Texas Downs Station. The pointy shape of the hill is where all the spears were left after the fight. It is called Garlumbuny Hill; garlumbuny is the word for spear (shaft) in Gija.

Courtesy of Warmun Art

..Natural ochre and pigments on canvas
..800mm x 600mm
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..Copyright Warmun Art Centre