This painting is a collaboration between Michael Mutji and Helicopter. They have each painted their version of the same country, the different names reflecting their different dialects. The country they are painting is located in the Great Sandy Desert, west of present-day Jupiter Well. Helicopter has painted some kantilli (bush raisin) and purra (bush tomato), depicted as the dotting contained within the lines. The small, linked black circles are some distinctive rocks to the area.

Michael has painted those same rocks, and also the waterhole, known as either Nynmi or Bundujarpa. The distinctive rocks are also shown, while at the top of the painting is a series of lesser watering points connected by a creek, or kiliki. This country is special for Michael as it is associated with his Dreaming, yarkal (the moon). The majority of the painting, like the landscape it depicts, is dominated by talis, or sand dunes.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

..Acrylic on linen
..2950mm x 1200mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warlayirti Artists