"This was the Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime) country for Kaningarra, a man who lived here. Kurtal, a snake/man came here to steal from Kaningarra's camp, and brought with him great dust storms and rain storms to hide his approach and getaway. Kurtal managed to steal some sacred objects from Kaningarra before running away. Kurtal travelled back to his own country, south west of Balgo, entering the earth, to continue travelling underground, at a natural spring, which is called Kurtal." 

Susie has painted part of the story for her traditional country, west of Balgo, along the top of The Canning Stock Route. She shows the natural spring, Kurtal, and the particular species of tree that surround it.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

..Acrylic on canvas
..1500mm x 750mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warlayirti Artists