Born to artist Brandy Tjungurrayi and Nowee Nangala, Theresa Nowee comes from a lineage of fine painters. Executed within Theresa's fine dottng and subtle color movements, she paints her mother's country located near Balgo Community. Reflecting the landscape, she depicts Tjurnu a sacred rock hole surrounded by the various realms of the landscape. These different features of country include the spinifex grasses, desert

trees as well as readily found bush-tucker - pura (bush tomatoes), kantijilyi (raisins) and the delicious blackberries. In this unique painting, Theresa paints the landscape which is both culturally and physically important to human life.


Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

..Acrylic on linen
..1500mm x 1000mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warlayirti Artists