Wati Kutjarra

This painting tells part of the story of the Wati Kutjarra, a prominent Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) in the Tanami and Great Sandy Deserts. The Wati Kutjarra were two ancestral brothers who travelled large areas of the desert teaching people about food, fire and hunting and created many of the landforms.

The story for this painting takes place in country around the vast salt lake named Wilkinkarra (Lake MacKay), south of Balgo. The Wati Kutjarra travelled to the country of Wilkinkarra and lit a large fire which burnt the surrounding country. The red circles in the painting represent the site where Wati Kutjarra made camp and slept. The strong white and yellow lines throughout the painting represent tali (sandhills).

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

..Acrylic on linen
..3000mm x 1300mm
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..Copyright Warlayirti Artists