Gyorn Gyorns

"The Wandjina spirits are highly respected by the people of Mowanjum. The Wandjinas brought the law, culture and language. The people of Mowanjum believe that the first Wandjina was called Idjair. Idjair lives in the Milky Way and is the father of all Wandjinas. The Wandjina Wallungunda was Idair’s first son; he created the Earth and all life upon it. After he created the first human beings, the Gyorn Gyorn people, Wallungunda travelled back to Idjair to bring back more Wandjinas to give the Gyorn Gyorn people laws to live by. Today the Gyorn Gyorns are known to give our corroborree and became hunters, collectors and gatherers."

Courtesy of Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre

..Acrylic on canvas
..300mm x 400mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre