Lucy has painted some of her grandmother's country. This country is located far to the south of Balgo, in the Great Sandy Desert. This painting features some of the country around a tjumu, or soakwater called Winpurpula. The Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime) story for this country tells of some ancestral women of the Nungurrayi, Nampitjin and Napangardi skin groups who came to camp at Winpurpula. These ancestral women made a fire close to the water, and started dancing a secret/sacred dance. The dancing went all night after which they started walking a long way west. Along the way they showed off their superb gathering skills by collecting food such as purra (bush tomato), kantilli (bush raisin) and minyali (a type of seed). The small dots throughout the painting depict these foods.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

..Acrylic on canvas
..1800mm x 1200mm
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..Copyright Warlayirti Artists