"This is the snake, this one. Well, he was a man. They bin' call him Yunurr. He bin' start walking across Yunurr country – still travelling. He walked right up to Nine Mile and he got sick and died there. He went chasing that dog right up there – run straight through – this side of Mistake Creek. Yardanggalm. That dog left his wife in Yardanggalm, somewhere round Kununurra way. That dog, he never really died but he changed himself into a Mulunggurr – a killer dog. This is a big dog that they sing to kill people.

"Behind this hill – old grandfather bin' die there. They call him Junbany-ngalurr.

"That is Ord River [at the base of the painting]. That bend in the river. That big hill, gardiya [whitefellas] call him Black Butte – my Uncle's name. Any one dies there – that Doomoorinji – a spiritually dangerous place. It will blow up like dynamite. He shakes the ground."

Courtesy of Warmun Art

..Natural ochre and pigments on canvas
..1200mm x 1200mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warmun Art Centre