This is an Arawadi. They are warriors and they are painted into the cave's at Bell Gorge. My Grandfather (Jack Dale Mengenen) painted them too. Usually they have arms and legs and spears. I have mixed their head with the body of a wandjina.

Arawadi aren't wandjina's but a wandjina did swallow them!

They came from Warmun area (East Kimberly). They were greedy for country they wanted to take Ngarinyin country for themselves. The Ngarinyin wandjina Amalarr said 'no.' Then he called all the other wandjinas to come and help fight the Arawadi. The wandjinas won the fight. Amalarr took away their spears and swallowed the warriors!

In his guts they grew bigger and bigger each day. Until they burst out. But they weren't Arawadi anymore they were all kinds of animals crawling across the country back towards turkey creek.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre

..Coloured woodblock print
..780mm x 270mm
Copyright Line
..© Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre 2015