Gulingi (Rain Wandjina)

These Wandjina's bring the rain.

The Wandjina spirits are highly respected by the Worrora, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people who live at Mowanjum and up the Gibb River Road to Kalumburu in the North West Kimberley region of Western Australia.

We believe that the Wandjinas brought the law, culture and language to the people. The Wandjina is our identity. The Wandjina gave the Law, to the people to abide by. These customs are carried on today. Where you see a lot of Wandjinas they represent the laws of tree, rivers, rocks, bush fruit and animals, all creation. The Wandjinas give the law on how we have to treat and use these creations, it also fills up the sacred waterholes and brings new life into the land. Baby spirits comes from these sacred waterholes.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre

..Acrylic and ochre on canvas
..900mm x 900mm
Copyright Line
..© Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre 2015