Alanggun Do

This woodcut print by MaryLou Divilli has been inspired by imagery that belongs to the artist and her family. The Alanggun Do (Barramundi) has been depicted in a similar style to that is found painted into the caves at Munja (Marylou's country).

Marylou talks about the Alanggun Do as a culturally important fish that is prized amoung the Ngarinyin people. She continues to speak about the Munja (Walcott Inlet) area that has many sites associated with Alanggun Do including a Lailai (dreamtime) story about the Alanggun Do and how it travelled through this country and has left signs of its journey that are still here today.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre

..Colour Woodblock Print
..300mm x 200mm
Copyright Line
..© Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre 2015