Ngapa Purlka

"Ngapa purlka [big water] – jila from dreamtime [waljirri time] 'pamarr ngurra paji ngaju kura waljirri Ngurra yantani' – This is a great big rock which is my dreamtime [waljirri] from my great grandfather and great grandmother.”

"When I paint, I think about my country. I paint from here [head] and here [breasts, collarbone and shoulder blades – a reference to body painting]. I think about my people, the old people and what they told me and Jumangkarni [Dreamtime]. When I paint I am thinking about law from a long time ago." 

Courtesy of  Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

..Atelier acrylic paint on canvas
..1200mm x 1200mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency