Alan Griffiths

Alan Griffiths is respected as a senior lawman with authority throughout the Victoria River and Kimberley regions. Born at Victoria River Downs Station, Northern Territory, in 1933, he has worked in stations across the far north of Western Australia and in areas of the Northern Territory. He is an accomplished painter, wood carver, maker of cultural artefacts, songman and dancer.

Alan Griffiths' arts practice is multifaceted, interpreting both his cultural status and knowledge alongside more lighthearted images of cultural tradition and station life. His repertoire of images includes paintings that map and name country as well as documenting traditional stories and corroborees, cattle mustering and camel treks. Painted in natural ochre, his stories are characterised by series of small figures ‘dotting’ the canvas and are presented as playful, joyous celebrations of his life and cultural commitments.

Courtesy of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Language Group
..Ngarinyman / Ngaliwurru