Pauline Sunfly

Pauline Sunfly was born at the old Balgo Mission hospital. She is the daughter of famous Balgo painters, Sunfly Tjampitjin and Bai Bai Napangarti. Pauline recalls her early years at the mission where she worked in the kitchen and the laundry and helped to clear the grounds. She has spent some time in Fitzroy Crossing and has visited Broome and Alice Springs, but otherwise has remained in Balgo with her young family.

Pauline inherited many Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime) stories from her parents and she learned to paint from years of watching her father. She is an extremely dedicated and talented painter who boldly recreates many significant stories with technical precision. Her paintings are graphic and powerful.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

Language Group
Date of Birth
..May 29th 1957