Veronica (Fatima) Lulu

Veronica (Fatima) Lulu was born at Lake Stretch, where she and her family lived a traditional life collecting bush tucker and bush medicine. Veronica first saw white people when she was about five years old. As a young girl she was then taken away to the live at old Balgo mission. Her parents lived at Billiluna community, some 250 kilometres away. 

Veronica currently holds a senior position in the community of Mulan. She is a very strong culture woman and dancer who teaches children, ensuring traditional dances and songs are kept alive. She is a Marpan (traditional healer) and an active community representative regarding land right issues, working closely with the Indigenous Protected Area Council.

Veronica began painting in 1979 and emerged as a leading artist in the late 1990s. Her paintings mostly represent her traditional country.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

Language Group
..Walmajarri\ Kukatja