Jenny Butt

“I lived with my mum and dad and aunties. We lived at old camp in a tin shed house where I grew up. When my mum left I was under the care of my father and aunties. They were old people from the bush. They never speak English or couldn’t understand any English. But they taught me a lot of bush life and told me a lot of stories about themselves and also they took good care of me." 

Jenny Butt was born at Bidyadanga air strip in 1981. She attended the local school and when she was fifteen went to St. John's College in Darwin. She gave birth to her her son and daughter at Bidyadanga and has taken them travelling to visit families in the Western Desert (Cotton Creek) where she lived for a year. She studied at Notre Dame and returned to Bidyadanga where she worked as an AIEOW (teacher assistant). She also worked as a health worker in training with KAMSC. In 2010 she began doing art and craft with Jacky Cheng.

Courtesy of Jacky Cheng at KTI & Bidyadanga Community Art Centre

Language Group
Date of Birth
..July 25th 1981