Maxine Charlie

Maxine is a Yawuru woman from Broome. She moved to Geraldton in 1993 and discovered her love for art; she lived there for 7 years and returned to her home town of Broome. She is now one of the Yawuru artists working at the Nagula Jarndu Women’s Resource Centre in Broome.

Maxine has since taken up one of her biggest roles as one of 4 Aboriginal Language Teachers training to teach the Yawuru language in the primary schools in Broome which gives her much joy. She loves teaching the children and learning the Yawuru language.

Maxine‘s current body of work is mostly block printing and lino printing on paper and fabric, layering colours and textures to produce a beautiful and unique art. Her motifs are based on the crocodile and the textured markings of the croc skin. Maxine has been known to call herself ‘Mrs Dundee’!


Courtesy of Nagula Jarndu Women’s Resource Centre.

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