Martha Lee

Martha Lee is a Yawuru and Karrijarri woman from Broome in the Kimberley. In 2005/6 she started doing her art at Yawuru Jarndu Resource Centre where her love for art began.

She now works at Mabu Ngan-ga Language Resource Centre as an Artist and Illustrator for children’s books and resources for the Yawuru Language Centre. Her passion is to learn Yawuru language and to produce more children’s books for the schools for counting, land, sea, country, kinship and Dreamtime stories.

Martha would like to one day teach children to do art.

Martha’s personal art practice now consists of a variety of printing techniques including block printing and lino printing on paper and fabric, layering colours and textures to explore pattern and create unique pieces. She is inspired by the country and colours around Broome.


Courtesy of Nagula Jarndu Women’s Resource Centre.

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