Biddy Timbinah

“All the people been digging holes on the side of the banks to hide their kids … but me, I put my baby in the coolamon and walked right up to those government people and told them 'this is my only baby, you not going to take her from me'.”
Biddy Timbinah

Biddy Timbinah was born in Kiwirrkurra Desert sometime in the 1920s. When still a child, she walked with her family twelve hundred kilometres from the Western Desert near Kiwirrkurra to Sturt Creek Station near Halls Creek. They travelled for months through the harsh desert country, surviving solely on bush tucker and drinking water from the waterholes. Biddy gave birth to a baby girl at Flora Valley Station in 1959 and, when the government came to forcibly remove children, Biddy fought to keep her daughter.

Biddy started painting at the Halls Creek TAFE in 2007. She proudly paints her country and, in Western Desert style, creates the stories of when she was young.

Courtesy of Yarliyil Art Centre

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