Eileen Forrest

My name is Eileen Forrest and I’m a Walmajarri woman living in Ngurtuwarta community near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

I started painting a long time ago. I painted for Mangkaja Arts and with the ladies at Marra Worra Worra in Fitzroy Crossing. In 2013 I started painting boab nuts at the Marninwarntikura Social Enterprise Studio.

I come to the studio because I really like to paint with the ladies. We like to work together and to paint together and it’s great to earn money to buy food for my family.

I really want to stay here at the studio and help to grow the social enterprise program; to help the ladies at Marninwarntikura feel strong and do more business activities.

Courtesy of Marnin Studio

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