June Smith

My name is June Smith and I live in the community of Bayulu. My language group is Gooniyandi.

A long time ago, I worked at the GoGo School (now Bayulu School) as a teachers aid, teaching sewing to grade one with some old people. This was my first job. I've worked at the Bayulu Store, and was a cook for a while - for the old people. I started work with Cherry Smiler and some other ladies doing silk screening at Bayulu, in our little house.

I came to work for Marninwarntikura with Bridget, the art therapy lady, seven or eight years ago now, where I went back to sewing again!

I like to work at the Social Enterprise Studio because I can relax, ease my mind and do the things that I love; silk screening and lino-cut printing. I feel happy with all the women around here, and getting creative! I would love to see more women coming to be involved, especially the younger girls.

Courtesy of Marnin Studio

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