Clayton Bedford

Clayton Bedford was born in Wyndham in 1978. He was raised in Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing and attended both schools until he reached high school. Through both his grandmothers, he is of the Kidja and Gooniyan group. Clayton played basketball and football as a child and continued playing as a young man. He still plays for local and Kimberley competitions.

Clayton always knew he had artistic talent and in high school he produced amazing charcoal drawings. He did his first boab nut carving in 1994 at Fitzroy Crossing and found he had a natural ability to carve. He would often give his boab carvings to friends and family as gifts. Clayton says that he can visualise his masterpiece before he begins to create it.

Courtesy of Yarliyil Art Centre

Language Group
Date of Birth
..July 28th 1978