Freddie Timms

"I think about the country where I was walking and camping, all the main waterholes, all the camping areas, I remember the places where I used to go mustering and I follow them up with my painting."
Freddie Timms

Freddie Timms' striking paintings are like aerial maps of the country where he was born, lived and worked all his life. This country includes Police Hole, Bow River, Lissadell Station and Texas Down Station. His works highlight features of the landscape: black soil, red ground, sandy ground, hills, creeks and waterholes as well as the man-made marks of roads, stockyards and homesteads and, importantly, Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) places. 

Freddie Timms was involved in developing the early relationship between Indigenous artists and the Australian art market that helped forge stronger and fairer links with galleries and dealers. He was also a central figure in the establishment of Jirrawun Aboriginal Art Corporation in 2000. 

Courtesy of Warmun Art Centre & Frances Kofod

Freddie Timms passed away on 25th Feb 2017. He is sadly missed by his community.

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