Jean Rangi

Jeani Rangi is a Walmajarri woman who lives in Mindi Rardi Community. She was born at Old Cherrabun Station near the Fitzroy River around 1948. Her mother and father came out from the desert before she was born. As a child, her parents used to take her hunting and taught her how to live off the land. Jeani grew up with one sister and two brothers, both who have since passed away. Jeani has two daughters and three sons who all live in Fitzroy Crossing. 

Jeani paints at Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency. She paints her country, which keeps her memories strong. While she paints she remembers how her family lived, hunting for food and living off the land. Jeani also paints her mother and father's country from stories she was told. She paints of the time they walked out from the desert and into the cattle country where they worked for the kartiya (white people).

Courtesy of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

Language Group
..Nyikina / Walmajarri