Kathy Ramsey

"I only just started painting in 2013. I just like to join in and to be sharing a part of my country. My mother [artist Mona Ramsey] and my grandfather [acclaimed artist Timmy Timms], they always told us what this place means, what the names are, those Ngarranggarni [Dreaming] stories. Now, with this painting, I'll be the one to tell them to my kids. I'm the mother of three sons, but I lost my oldest son in 2008. He was real strong in corroboree, but my other sons, they pick it up too. They went to school in Warmun, and I worked in the childcare centre and cleaning and bits like that. Now I'm painting all the time."
Kathy Ramsey

Kathy Ramsey is one of Warmun Art Centre's most acclaimed and renowned emerging artists. Having only started painting in 2013, Kathy has already been included in numerous group exhibitions across Australia and internationally.

Courtesy of Warmun Art Centre

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