Lena Nyadbi

Lena Nyadbi was born at Warnmarnjooloogoon Lagoon (near Greenvale Station) and grew up in Thildoowam country, also known as Old Lissadell Station. Lena spent many years watching and learning from Warmun artists who have since passed away, in particular Paddy Jaminji, who taught her the techniques of grinding ochre and charcoal, and of rubbing the charcoal into the canvas with her hands. Lena paints what she describes as her 'poor bugger country' and shows how mining renders what once were mountains into plains.

Lena Nyadbi has painted at Warmun Art Centre since 1998. She paints two principal Dreamings; Jimbirla and Dayiwool Lirlmim. Jimbirla are the sharp quartz-like stones used in the past by Gija people to make spear tips. Dayiwool Lirlmim are the scales that scraped off the Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) barramundi as she jumped through a range of hills escaping from the women who were trying to catch her. 

Courtesy of Warmun Art Centre

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