Lulu Trancollino

Lulu Trancollino was born at Bedford Downs Station near Halls Creek sometime in the 1930s. She grew up at the station and didn't attend school. Every day, Lulu and her family would go hunting to gather food. She met her second husband, the late Mr Trancollino, at Bedford Downs Station. They moved to Moola Bulla Station where they lived for eight years before moving to Halls Creek. When her children were at school, Lulu was influential in setting up the Kimberley Language Resource Centre where she was involved in language projects and published Kidja language books. She also helped set up the Halls Creek women's shelter.

Lulu started painting with Mrs Peggy Chadwick at the Halls Creek TAFE in 2007. Her paintings proudly tell of her country and stories of when she was young. Lulu combines tradition and humour in telling her stories. 

Courtesy of Yarliyil Art Centre

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