Mabel Juli

"I started painting when the old girl [Queenie McKenzie] was here – she was the one who taught me to paint. She told me, 'You try that painting', and I started to paint. I was doing that Garnkiny [Moon Dreaming]; that's the painting I started with because my mother and father told me that Ngarranggarni story. They used to take me out bush when I was a little girl – good size – and they told me all about those Dreamtime stories. And I always remember those stories. I got 'em in my brain."
Mabel Juli

Mabel Juli's country is Springvale, south of Warnum. When she paints, Mabel is reminded of the Ngarranggarni (Dreamtime) stories of her country as told to her by her mother and father. These stories include Glingennayn Hill and The Old Woman Singing Out For Her Dog.

Courtesy of Warmun Art Centre

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