Minnie Lumai

"In the early days I was a kid living at Newry Station. I looked after the goats and milked cows. After that I got married and went to Argyle Homestead. I worked there in the house. We went to Lissadel. Next I came to Kununurra. I didn't start painting until 2004. I had been watching all those people painting at the art centre – every morning I watched them and I asked my sister if I could come and paint. Now I come here and paint. My paintings are about the stories of my country and culture – the way the land is from the Dreaming and where we travel to hunt and fish."
Minnie Lumai

Minnie Lumai is named after a freshwater spring that gently bubbles with the sound of her name – lu-mai, lu-mai, lu-mai. Her paintings possess an energy which is simultaneously lively and serene.

Courtesy of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Language Group
Date of Birth
..July 1st 1941