Patrick Mung Mung

Patrick Mung Mung was born at Spring Creek and grew up on Texas Downs Station, where he worked as a proud stockman before becoming an artist. Patrick was among the last to leave Texas when it ceased operations in the 1970s. 

Patrick is the son of senior Gija leader and esteemed cross-cultural communicator George Mung Mung. In 1991, following his father's death, it fell to Patrick to accompany his father's carving, Mary of Warmun, to the High Court of Australian in Canberra for the Aboriginal Art and Spirituality exhibition. The occasion marked the beginning of a journey for Patrick and saw him take on his father's role of senior artist, law and culture man. He started painting that same year.

Patrick's work is influenced by the generation of Warmun artists who preceded him, but his depiction of Purnululu, in pastel-coloured ochres encompassed by rings of dotted bright white, is distinctly his own.

Courtesy of Warmun Art Centre

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