Tarku Rosie Tarco King

"I was born at a jumu [soak water] called Payinjarra in the Great Sandy Desert. I walked out from the desert with my husband when I was a young girl. When we left the desert we walked for a long time. We killed pussycat and wirlka [sand goanna] for food but no kangaroo. I was frightened but I came out at Old Bililluna. There were planes landing right there, I was frightened of that plane. I didn’t know any English, I just looked at the kartiya [Europeans]. We kept going and we saw kartiya getting water in a bucket from a well. This was new to me too, it was the first time I had seen this. We had no shoes, we were wearing yakapiri [bush used to make sandals to protect feet]. After that, a motor car came from Moola Bulla to Old Bililluna and took us to Moola Bulla. I talked only Juwaliny when I came but today I speak Juwaliny, Walmajarri, Kriol and English."

Tarku Rosie Tarco King was born around 1932. Her paintings depict trees, grasses and flowers, jila (living waterhole), jilji (sand hills) and jumu (soakwater waterhole) along with Wajampajarti, Kalajita and Japingka in the Great Sandy Desert.

Courtesy of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency


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