Rosie Lala

Rosie Lala was born at old Balgo Station sometime in the early 1940s. When she was about six years old, she and her family walked hundreds of kilometres from the Tanami Desert to find work at Gordon Downs Station near Ringer Soak, 170 kilometres from Halls Creek. Their new home was a hard, dry, featureless place on the Great Antrim Plateau near the Northern Territory border. They lived with other station workers from the local Djaru community at Kundat Djaru (Ringer Soak) – an area pitted with waterholes – where they lived a largely traditional life, picking bush onion and eating goanna.

When the station closed in the 80s, many of the people moved to Halls Creek. Rosie stayed at Ringer Soak and still lives there today.

Rosie Lala proudly paints the Dreaming stories that mother and father had told her.

Courtesy of Yarliyil Art Centre

Sadly, Rosie passed away in October 2017.

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