Roy Wiggan

Roy Wiggan is from the Bardi group whose country is situated north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula. The Bardi people perform Ilma (open ceremonies using objects) that are composed and owned by Bardi men. These men are said to have received the songs and the form of the dances from Rai spirits of dead men.

Roy Wiggan regularly has spiritual visits from his father who brings designs for the Ilma that Roy now creates. Many of these designs revolve around an epic saga when his father was washed out into the Indian Ocean on his raft which broke in half. He survived for three days before miraculously being carried back to Sunday Island by freak tides and helping spirits.

Roy is represented by Short Street Gallery, Broome.

Roy Wiggan passed away late 2015 and will be sadly missed.

Courtesy of Short Street Gallery

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