Kirsty Burgu

Kirsty Burgu was born at Mowanjum near Derby. She is the youngest daughter of Roger Burgu who was a well-known Ngarinyin elder and painter. Other than when she studied, Kirsty has always lived at Mowanjum. She is a deep-thinking artist who always endeavours to pass on a message to her audience.

As a child, Kirsty was fascinated by the traditional stories told to her by her mother and father, and her Uncle Jeffrey Burgu.  Like most of the Burgu family, she follows both Christian and Wandjina beliefs and calls upon them as subject matter for her paintings.

Kirsty is one of a new generation of painters at Mowanjum who interprets the old stories in new ways. She is a dreamer and seer of visions, which appear in her paintings. Mowanjum Wandjina culture is a living culture and artists like Kirsty give us a window to this evolving yet ancient belief system.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre

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