Boxer Milner

Boxer Milner was a senior lawman who, along with his two brothers, was custodian for the country Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) stories and songs of the Sturt Creek area. The area of Milnga-Milnga is a major flood plain for Sturt Creek and is inundated every summer after the rains. As a young man, Boxer worked around the area as a stockman effectively utilising his intimate knowledge of the country.

Boxer began painting in the mid 1990s and his unique style saw him emerge as one of Warlayirti Artists' most recognised and sought after artists. Boxer's paintings depict different physical and mythological aspects of the middle and upper stretches of Sturt Creek, including flood and changes to the country after flood. His work depicts rainbows, rain clouds and temporary creeks that are formed during the wet season and paintings portray the white 'milk water' that runs after rain has fallen in the clay soils upstream of Billiluna. 

Sadly, Boxer passed away in 2009. His work continues to be exhibited.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

Language Group
..Walmajarri /Tjaru