Brian Mudgedell

Brian Mudgedell is the son of senior lawwoman Mati Mudgedell (deceased). As a young boy, Brian moved between the communities of Balgo and Mulun and he has fond memories of hunting with his mother and brother south of Mulun at Paruku. Brian speaks of being cautious when approaching the Lake of Paruku, home to the cheeky (dangerous) snake, Waniara, who would eat people during the Tjukurrpa. Brian is married with three children and also enjoys being a member of a local band that toured to Perth.

Brian started painting in 1992 and he continues the legacy learnt from his grandmother. His grandmother's stories encompass country south west of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

Language Group
..Walmatjarri/ Kukatja
Date of Birth
..June 10th 1971