East Kimberley

The East Kimberley region features a number of successful Indigenous art-making communities and art centres including Warmun Art Centre located at Warmun Community, Waringarri Art Centre in Kununurra, both known for their spare cartographic landscapes in ochre and pigment, and Yarliyil Art Centre in Halls Creek whose artists work largely in acrylic.

The awe-inspiring landscape of this region is most well-known to visitors for Purnululu National Park (formerly the Bungle Bungle Range), Cambridge Gulf and man-made Lake Argyle. In addition there are numerous locations important to the post-contact histories of the local people, including the many cattle stations which relied on Indigenous workers up to the 1970s. As in the Kimberley more broadly there are also a number of massacre sites across this stretch of land which, despite the traumatic nature of these events, sometimes feature in the paintings of artists for whom they bear great personal significance.

Prominent language groups within this region include the Kija, Jaru, Gajirrabeng and Miriwoong, some of which include a number of dialects. Many artists within the East Kimberley have kinship relationships which extend throughout the Kimberley and well beyond their own traditional Country.