North-West Kimberley

The North-West Kimberley is sparsely populated and impacted by its remoteness. The principal art-making communities and art centres here include Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre at Mowanjum community close to Derby, and Kira Kiro Art Centre located on the remote far north coast at Kalumburu.

This region features a dramatic landscape that ranges from coastal islands and sandy beaches to imposing stone escarpments, waterfalls, gorges and an extensive network of rivers. The area is rich in history and story, and an astonishing number of rock art sites feature some of the oldest examples of representational Indigenous artwork anywhere on the planet. The Wandjina and Gwion Gwion figures remain powerful and significant cultural symbols which feature prominently in contemporary canvas and bark artworks created by the people who belong to this area.

Prominent language groups within this region include Kwini, Ngarinyin, Wunambal, Gamberre, Worora, and Andiyin and Worla languages, some of which also feature a number of dialects. Many artists within the East Kimberley have kinship relationships which extend throughout the Kimberley and well beyond their own traditional Country.