Emilia Galatis

For almost 10 years, Emilia Galatis has worked with remote and regional artists, with a specific interest developing projects that engage new demographics, support emerging artistic endeavours and boost capacity within the sector. Part facilitator, project manager, curator, writer, creative director, business strategist, arts hustler, mentor and cuppa tea maker, her work has involved various multi- layered outcomes for remote Indigenous individuals and communities. 

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, Emilia completed her BAHons (majoring in archaeology and art history) at UWA whilst also managing Merenda Gallery, a commercial Aboriginal art gallery in Fremantle.  Passionate about her own state, she completed her honors dissertation in Gwion Gwion rock art of the Kimberley region. Whilst at Merenda Gallery, Emilia was offered commercial contract roles with various remote art centres, including Martumili artists. From that moment on, she was hooked, addicted to the most fascinating and diverse artistic movement Australia has ever seen.  Part chance and part passion, Emilia has fallen into her career, delivering countless projects across a range of disciplines, developing a good report with staff and artists.

In 2013, Emilia worked at AGWA as curatorial assistant to Clotilde Bullen for the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards whilst simultaneously completing contracts for various art centres and Tracker Development. In late 2013 she managed the Warakurna Artists Art Centre in the remote Ngaanyatjarra Lands, living and working in the Western Desert 400km West of Uluru. Whilst there she formed creative programs that responded to the specific needs of Ngaanyatjarra artists in the communities of Wanarn, Patjarr and Warakurna. She also led the first Western Desert merger between Kayili and Warakurna art orgs, forming stronger remote networks across the region.

In 2016 and 2017 during her recent role at the Fremantle Arts Centre she managed the project co-ordination and delivery of the multi-platform event Revealed.

In her freelance work, Emilia regularly works with a host of organisations including Mangkaja Arts, Martumili, Warakurna Artists, Wilurrara Creative and Arts Law. In 2016 she was recipient of a DCA emerging curator grant, awarded to further her own professional development internationally at Creative Growth in Oakland. Since 2012 she runs her own annual event, Arts Hustle, that runs as a walking tour of Fremantle’s creative spaces. Emilia regularly curates her own exhibitions playing with new models of commercial engagement as well as facilitating auctions and fundraising events for the sector. She also writes for publications across the country, interested in communicating the work of individual artists to wider audiences. Emilia is looking forward to drawing on her extensive experience and bringing her talents to her work with the Desert River Sea; Kimberley Art Then & Now project.