Bianca Nargoodah

Bianca lives in Fitzroy Crossing and in June 2015 will start working as an arts worker at Mangkaja Arts Resource Centre. Bianca comes from a well-known art making family and is also an artist, painting with acrylics on canvas in her spare time.

Bianca joined the Desert River Sea 2015 Visual Arts Leadership Program by attending the workshop held in Broome. Inspired and equipped with the skills to continue generating video content for her own art practice and art centre, Bianca intends to share the digital recording and editing skills with others at Mangkaja Arts.

Bianca attended the 2015 Visual Arts Leadership Program Storytelling workshop in Broome.

The video below was produced by Bianca Nargoodah during the Desert River Sea Visual Arts Leadership Program Workshop held at Notre Dame University in Broome, May 2015.