Lillie Spinks

Lillie is the Arts Administrator at Ngurra Arts, located at Ngumpan Community, approximately halfway between Broome and Kununurra, 90 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing. Her work at the art centre involves all aspects of the organisation including the day to day running of the studio and gallery, supporting the artists, arts administration and sales.

In her spare time Lillie also paints, she finds artistic inspiration in the bush foods and bush medicines of the plants that grow in and around Ngumpan. In 2014 Lillie assisted with the “Manawarnti – all the trees” exhibition held at Ngurra Arts and the catalogue that was produced to accompany the exhibition.

Lillie attended the Desert River Sea 2015 Visual Arts Leadership Program workshop held in Broome and hopes to put her new-found digital recording and editing skills to use back at Ngurra Arts by producing videos of the older artists talking about their artworks and then displaying them to visitors on the plasma screen in the gallery.

Lillie has attended the 2015 Visual Arts Leadership Program Storytelling workshop in Broome and the 2016 Visual Arts Leadership Program Curating workshop in Kununurra.

The video below was produced by Lillie Spinks during the Desert River Sea Visual Arts Leadership Program Workshop held at Notre Dame University in Broome, May 2015.